Content Slider

  • Content sliders are based on Bootstrap modal boxes
  • You just need to add .aside class and one of the following values to data-placement attribute of modal element:
    top bottom right left
    and call the following function:
  • The following options are also available both as function parameters or data attributes:
    • container (new in v1.3.3) default is null (body). You can specify the container.
      For example if you want to put it inside a modal box, you can set it to #myModal > .modal-dialog
    • placement
    • backdrop if "false" there will be no backdrop, if "invisible" backdrop will become invisible, otherwise visible
    • fixed whether slider should be fixed or not
    • background whether background should be dark or white
    • offset whether slider should be below navbar or cover it
    • body_scroll determines if body scroll is allowed when slider is visible
    • transition disables or enables CSS3 transition of sliders
    • scroll_style specifies scrollbar style if it's expected
        placement: 'top',
        offset: true,
        background: true,
        body_scroll: false
  • Like modals, you can use any button to toggle sliders but there is also an integrated(attached) button option you can use by inserting after .modal-content: