• Ace admin template is based on the latest version of Bootstrap
  • You may want to have on overview of it and keep its documentation at hand.
  • Please use the following link for more info:

Bootstrap Typeahead

  • There is also a dropped plugin of Bootstrap 2 which is still available in Ace admin template.
    It's typeahead plugin and is used by Tag input plugin and search box demo.
    For more info about it, please see:
  • To avoid conflicts with the new Typeahead.js plugin, its been renamed to bs_typeahead.
    Of course the plugins have methods to resolve conflicts by calling $.fn.typeahead.noConflict(); but I found it easier to rename it to something else especially when using both plugins inside an ajax page and coming back and forth to that page multiple times!


  • It's the updated version of Bootstrap Typeahead with more features.
    For more info and documentation about it, please see its page at:
  • To use it, you should include: