• For more information and installing Node.js please see its page at
  • It's optional and you don't need to use it.
    I've used it for compiling LESS files into CSS and Mustache templates into static HTML


  • Less is a CSS pre-processor which is useful for creating and maintating large amounts of CSS code
  • You can find more info about it here
  • Almost all Ace CSS files are generated from compiling LESS files
  • First you need to install less compiler via npm: npm install -g less
  • To compile LESS files, you can run the following commands:
    lessc ace.less path/to/ace.css
    lessc skins/skins.less path/to/ace-skins.css
    For options such as compressing output, etc, you can use its help by using the following command:
    lessc --help
  • You can also use the in-browser CSS builder tool to build a custom CSS.

Mustache Compilers

  • Ace's demo pages are mustache templates compiled into HTML
  • For more info about Mustache files please see Mustache files
  • PHP Mustache is used during development.
    And Javascript Mustache compiler is used for final demo output
  • For more info please see the following links:
    PHP Mustache